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Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Sulfite, and 1,3-Disodium Benzenedisulfonic Acid are co-products or intermediates of resorcinol manufacture by sulfonation-fusion reaction.

Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Sulfate, Technical Grade, Anhydrous is used in paper pulping to enhance the strength of the finished product, lower production costs, and reduce downtime. Glass manufacturers use Sodium Sulfate, Technical Grade, Calcined to improve the quality of the refined glass melt.

Sodium Sulfate, Technical, Anhydrous
Light tan powder
98-99% Sodium sulfate, typical
0.5% Maximum Sodium Sulfite
0.2% Maximum moisture
Available in bulk hopper cars and bulk trucks.

Sodium Sulfate, Technical, Calcined
Dark grey, nondusting granule
94-96% Sodium sulfate, typical
3-5% Sodium carbonate, typical
Available in bulk hopper cars and bulk trucks.

Sodium Sulfite
Sodium Sulfite, Commercial, Anhydrous is an economical chemical for the sulfite pulping of wood in manufacturing various grades of paper. It is also a source for sodium sulfide used in Kraft pulping.

Sodium Sulfite is oxidized to sodium sulfate and is used to remove oxygen from boiler feed water. It should be considered for applications in which oxygen dissolved in water may increase equipment corrosion, e.g. process cooling water in chemical and allied industries, and in oil well drilling equipment.

Sodium Sulfite reacts with formaldehyde to form nonvolatile products. It has been suggested as a scavenger for free formaldehyde in urea-formaldehyde resins used for foam insulation, plywood, and particle board. Sodium Sulfate has also been used to neutralize leather tanning solutions, thereby increasing the chrome penetration and chrome concentration in leathers.

Sodium Sulfite, Commercial, Anhydrous
Dark pink to reddish brown powder
93% Sodium Sulfite, typical
0.2% Maximum moisture
Meets Title 21, Chapter 1, part 173, Section 173.310 of the FDA food additive regulations
Available in 50 lb Kraft bags, bulk hopper cars, or bulk trucks.
3300 lb bulk bags available upon request.

1,3-Disodium Benzenedisulfonic Acid
Disalt or 1,3-benzenedisulfonic acid, disodium salt, has been found to be useful in decorative nickel plating as a low cost substitute for sodium saccharin to achieve bright nickel deposits in Watts nickel baths. Disalt is also used in electroforming as a hardening agent in Watts nickel or nickel sulfamate baths to produce a nickel electro-deposit of high hardness.

1,3-Disodium Benzenedisulfonic Acid (Disalt)
Pink-tan fine powder
80% Maximum Disodium Benzenedisulfonic Acids
8% Maximum Sulfonated Diphenylsulfones
9% Maximum Inorganic Sodium Salts
3% Maximum Moisture
Available in 45 kg fiber drums.

Hazard Warning and Product Disclaimer
All chemicals products may be hazardous if improperly used, handled or stored. Always ensure that you have consulted the latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any chemical product before using, handling or storing a chemical product, and that you are wearing and using all appropriate safety equipment. IMPORTANT: The information presented herein, while not guaranteed, was prepared by technical personnel and is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR WARRANTY OR GUARANTY OF ANY OTHER KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS MADE REGARDING PERFORMANCE, SAFETY, SUITABILITY, STABILITY OR OTHERWISE. This information is not intended to be all inclusive as to the manner and conditions of use, handling, storage, disposal and other factors that may involve other or additional legal, environmental, safety or performance considerations, and OxyChem and its affiliates (including, without limitation, Occidental Petroleum Corporation and INDSPEC Chemical Corporation) assume no liability whatsoever for the use of or reliance upon this information. While our technical personnel will be happy to respond to questions, safe handling and use of the product remains the responsibility of the customer. No suggestions for use are intended as, and nothing herein shall be construed as, a recommendation to infringe any existing patents or to violate any Federal, State, local or foreign laws.

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