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INDSPEC products

INDSPEC is a leading manufacturer of resorcinol and selected grades of sodium sulfite and sodium sulfate. INDSPEC chemicals are primarily used by industrial manufacturing companies for producing commonly used commodities including tire and rubber products, structural wood adhesives, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, printing processes, packaging, cosmetics and much more.

INDSPEC is one of the largest resorcinol producers in the world and the only North American resorcinol provider. Resorcinol is commonly used in manufacturing tires and rubber products, high performance wood adhesives, fire retardant plastic additives, and UV light stabilizers. Resorcinol is also used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of dyes and dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, plasticizers and polyurethane chain extenders.

INDSPEC produces a full line of PENACOLITE resins for the tire and rubber industry. These resorcinol-based resins combine resorcinol with formaldehyde and other materials to increase rubber adhesion to steel, polyester, rayon, nylon, aramid and other fabric cords. PENACOLITE resins reduce the number of processing steps for tire and rubber manufacturers while providing better material processing and handling capabilities. PENACOLITE resins are available as liquids and solids.

INDSPEC offers anhydrous sodium sulfite and sodium sulfate produced as co-products from the manufacture of resorcinol. Anhydrous sodium sulfite and sodium sulfate are commonly used to lower costs in paper manufacturing. INDSPEC also offers calcined sodium sulfate. Glass manufacturers find that calcined sodium sulfate improves the quality of their refined glass melt.

The disodium salt of 1,3-benzenedisulfonic acid (Disalt), an intermediate of the resorcinol sulfonation-fusion process, is useful as an additive in the electro-deposition of nickel.

BRA - Beta Resorcylic Acid
BRA (2,4-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid) is a useful starting material for producing benzophenone UV light stabilizers, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, reprographic chemicals, cosmetic preparations, and fine organic chemicals.

HER™ Aromatic Diols
INDSPEC produces resorcinol based aromatic diols under the HER trademark. These products are used in PET packaging materials to improve barrier quality, improve thermal stability and toughness in polyurethane products, and in chain extenders for urethane products to enhance tensile strength, hardness, compression set, abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

ULTI-PRO 100 Processing Aid
ULTI-PRO 100 additive significantly lowers the uncured viscosity of difficult-to-process rubber compounds, while increasing hardness and dynamic stiffness.


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