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HERTM aromatic diols

HER resorcinol-based aromatic diols are used in polyurethanes as chain extenders and in packaging applications to improve barrier properties. They are the reaction products of resorcinol and ethylene carbonate. Final properties vary with the length of the alkyl ether linkages. 

HER HP Applications
Polyurethanes - HER HP is used as a chain extender in the formulation of urethane elastomers to give Shore hardness ranges from 80-95A to 45-60D, tensile strength ranges of 3500-6000 psi, and elongations of 300-700%.

Barrier materials - HER HP has been shown to improve barrier properties in thermoplastic resins, such as those used for soft drink and beer bottles.

White or off-white crystal or powder
99% Purity, typical
560 Hydroxyl number, typical
Available in 100 lb. fiber drums.

HER TG Applications
Polyurethanes - HER TG-210 chain extenders in polyurethanes give Shore hardness ranges from 80-95A to 50-60D, tensile strength ranges of 3500-6000 psi, and elongation of 300-600%. Improved rebound or resiliency has also been reported for formulations using TG-210.

HER TG-210
Off-white solid
Contains 7% higher molecular weight material
540-560 Hydroxyl number, typical
Available in 50 lb. pails.

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