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ISO 9001:2008
certification (pdf)

INDSPEC Chemical Corporation is one of the largest resorcinol producers in the world and the only resorcinol producer in North America. Its Petrolia, Pennsylvania facility has a capacity of 50 million pounds per year, or half of the worldwide capacity for resorcinol. INDSPEC also produces selected grades of sodium sulfite and sodium sulfate. INDSPEC maintains the ISO 9001:2008 certification through Det Norske Veritas.

In addition to resorcinol production and marketing, INDSPEC offers chemical analysis and physical testing services.

As a RESPONSIBLE CARE company, INDSPEC's focus on workplace and environmental safety is not only good for the environment, employees and our surrounding communities, it is good business and a way of life.

INDSPEC's quality materials, strong environmental and safety policies combined with a reliable supply chain and customer service, secures its position as an industry leader in resorcinol.

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